Avon Beauty Products

This has to be the most found product label in my beauty bag…

I seem to have loved Avon products just after my high school days, my sister & I became representatives of Avon and will go do make up to Brides &Bridesmaids back then and carry our Avon Beauty sample bag. I often use make up that is what i’m in love with and obsessed at the same time.

~Avon Bronze pearls are a must have: they give skin that glowing look be it during the day or night they are just suitable for every occasion & season too.

~ Eye shadows: I just love them because they make your eyes pop out & I love earthy colors they work wonders.

~Extend eye pencil: I believe almost every woman owns an eye pencil. i just can’t go without. Especially when you have an accident at the salon at they accidentally unplug  in a not pleasing manner I can always fill in with a pencil but it shouldn’t be bold for that natural look.

~Avon dare mascara:  It extends lashes, gives them volume you’d swear it’s fake lashes but I like the fact that it doesn’t smudge and lasts longer.

~ Avon dare lipstick: Was lucky enough to receive this together with the mascara from Beauty Bulletin to try it out & review. Beautiful assorted colors, gave my lips that plump sexy look and the smell is amazing.


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