Zahara Desert Rose by Justine

Zahara Desert Rose by Justine 50ml

I have never invested in Justine perfume i had always thought the ones for keeps are only the ones we normally buy from from the leading stores! Little did i know that Justine will prove me wrong but I have to thank my Mother for this one because it came as an anniversary gift, she really chose well or should i say she knows me too well!

If you are into fragrances like Gucci guilty, Gucci Flora, Kenzo flower, Hypnotic poison, Gucci rush, Madam Coco then this is a for you. This perfume has a scent of a bouquet of roses, fresh scent yet again smells like it’s a dried up rose. It DOES NOT FADE even after I’ve taken the garment off I  will still smell it on my body.

On Monday I left my jersey at the office the following day when i came back you’d swear somebody had filled my office with fresh roses that’s the effect it has!

This is an all season perfume, for the matured ladies who know their story like me. So beauties this one is for keeps!

Available from Justine representatives & on their face book page, I’m not sure if they take orders online.

It retailed for R504.00 then including a 100ml spray. They had said it was a limited edition so I’m not sure if it was avaible from Feb 2015 till when, hopefully they still have it. I love the pink feminine bottle & its design.

I just love it & I wear it as if I’m wearing a wedding veil 🙂


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