Kiss you lip polish xox by One Direction 

I’d normally pass these kind of products on the shelves because I had that mind of thinking they are made for the youth & suit only the youth. Well i decided to buy this product for my daughter a month back & it was a cherry one, had tested it and i fell in love with it so did she & she had clearly stated that she wasn’t sharing it.

She took it to school with her & when she came back her friends needed to know where i bought it from because they liked it too & today they all have it!

Yesterday i visited Clicks stores to my surprise they had it in stock & i had to take it! This time i took a Blueberry flavor.

I’m loving this product for the mere fact that it has mineral oils in it, smells too nice like blueberry indeed you’d swear it’s a sweet & it’s texture is like Vaseline but more softer & smoother.

It has this small glittery look when you’ve applied it, gives my lips a bit of color if I don’t want to put a lipstick on, it shines nice & stays longer while giving my lips the moisture needed.

I love it & will be investing in this product for my daughter & myself of course…

I am glad to say it was worth a try & it is a kiss you lip polish indeed 😉

  A kiss with taste…

It costs R20.00


Clicks stores


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