DESiGN Make up products

I had visited the mall two weekends back & had stopped by Edgars on my arrival by the entrance was caught by a Beauty Extravaganza that they had on display on two – three tables for Design beauty products.

I was not too sure about buying the make up brand since I haven’t seen it or used it before and the prices were too low to be true so I continued to shop around the store till i came back to the e tables for the third time that is when I convinced myself to give it a try.

I bought a Mascara, Eyeliner & an eye shadow palette which costed me R89.99 in total!

This past weekend I decided to put these products to use & test them after I received a good feed back from two beautiful ladies Portia & Sumaya, thanks ladies.

Design mascara

I bought the waterproof mascara which gave me volume & length on the eyelashes & made my eyes look more opened & sexy. It dried up quickly with no mess or smudging. Having tested this product I think i’ll be investing in it since it delivered, affordable to fit anyone’s budget & of good quality too.


Design Eyeliner

I have to be honest here, I wasn’t a fan of eyeliners till i was convinced by the cat eye look I’ve seen of some beauties & ladies from BB team. I went for the natural look which was a bit messy for me for a st timer but tried it the second time & it worked in my favor. Dried up quickly & gave that professional look on the eyes. I guess the next step will be to try the cat eye look hopefully i’ll pass! Very affordable too I like it.

Design Eye shadow palette

I am so inlove with earthy colors although i do own bright but earthy colors are my number one. I picked up an eye shadow palette with four different colors in it & only used the 2nd & 4th blocks to create a natural yet glowing look. It wasn’t messy at all as some eye shadows would fall on your cheeks & leave glitter on them. It stayed the whole day until i removed it myself. It has a small mirror inside & an applicator. I liked it too, very affordable & beautiful.


Design beauty products are so affordable & cheap yet of good quality of course the ones I have tested so far. I will be buying more products from this brand!

It was worth the risk.


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