Being part of Beauty Bulletin family

Perks of being a happy Beauty Bulletin Influencer / Insider

I was introduced to Beauty Bulletin by the Beautiful Buhle Mbatha 2 years back if I’m not mistaken. I had seen her wonderful updates & feedback regarding BB and the lovely stuff she would have received then, she also shared a link of BB should there be anyone interested.

At fist I was hesitant at first thinking it was one of those online sites promises but do not deliver up until i registered. Yes it did not happen over the night as I wasn’t familiar with the site & was new had to find my way around.

I thought commenting on BB’S Facebook page was going to be rewarding but no, I had to write/ record reviews of products that I’ve used before or that are on site and be active like commenting on posts that are on site.

It really took me a while to figure all these out & to receive something from BB hence i wasn’t doing things the right way hahahaha you know how we love freebies the minute we hear of them we think oh my I should be receiving in a weeks time so I thought! I’d visit the sight & log out without even commenting & posting because I honestly had no idea until 1 day i gave myself time to get to know BB site better.

I started getting active by commenting on posts and started to write reviews like the other Beauties would, started receiving surveys via email and actually started to use the chat box, though at times I’d feel like i was an outcast but I finally started feeling welcomed when the BB Team will mention your name & greet you so did the Beauties who were there before me :).

The 1st product i received for review was the Avon Dare Lipstick & Mascara, I was over the moon! I thought to myself ok I must be doing something right, I used the products i had received and submitted reviews. I started to sample products I’d buy from the stores which I have seen on site or BB Facebook page. I found myself having tons & tons of beauty products some that I need some that I don’t & some that i actually bought for the fun of if 😉 Perks of being an insider!

I carried on submitting & reviewing products oh I wasn’t new now so I felt that way since I knew my way around but had missed something ‘The beauty exchange & Beauty diary’ surprisingly enough i discovered that a year later oh yes I did… Learnt the ropes too in no time I was doing it like everyone did oh wow what a nice feeling it was!

I can write about Beauty Bulletin the whole day… March this year I was chosen as the insider of the month, my activeness really paid off that simple! Kindly see the link: I was featured on the BB site the whole month, my picture appeared of Facebook as well. Oh lovely all thanks to BB!

I even appeared on Lancome South Africa’s Facebook page after I had tested the Lancome Visionnaire CX Skin corrector Fluid through BB, all thanks to BB!

I’ve had my review featured on Beauty Diaries.

I have won a #FridayPrizeDay competition which was a box of Tampax Compak Year’s supply! Yes you heard right 🙂 Isn’t BB thoughtful of it’s Insiders?

I received a reward for accumulating highest points for the month 🙂 & received  L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Global care SPF25 & L’Oreal  Revitalift Laser Renew Peeling Lotion.

I’ve received the following amazing products from BB;

  • Lancome Visionnaire Cx Skin corrector fluid
  • Avon Dare mascara 
  • Avon Dare lipstick
  • Avon CC cream
  • Avon Cherish Perfume that came with Avon Cherish Body Lotion & Roll-on
  • Tampax Compak Tampons
  • Recently L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Global care SPF25
  • Recently L’Oreal  Revitalift Laser Renew Peeling Lotion

What a lot I’ve got!!!

I’ve made friends with beautiful souls even out of BB we still manage to communicate.


Thanks to Beauty Bulletin & it’s team at large for giving us such an amazing experience, the rewards received and the opportunity to know more about beauty products. This is my home be it at work or relaxation of my own home I’m here to stay.

A life boosting, an image up-grader & character lift up site…

BB rocks!


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