Paper print nail art paring up with Essence the Gel nail polish

Paper print nail art

A week ago I decided to do a paper print nail art.

Using the following I managed to create my very 1st paper print nail art;

  • The Essence gel nail polish 2 different nude tones
  • Piece of newspaper
  • A bit of Smirnof vodka
  • Clear nail polish for coat

I started by painting my nails with the two Essence nail polishes, using 1 colour on 3 finger nails and the other on two. Let them dry.

I then cut a small piece of paper placed on a dry painted nail, dipped my index finger on alcohol thereafter dampened and rub on the newspaper placed on my finger nail to transfer print on nail for few seconds. I removed the paper & coated with a clear nail polish to seal the newspaper effect.

Bear in my that this was my 1st attempt so mind the clumsiness. 

I will sure give it a try once more for a more professional look.

                                                                        DIY has never been this easy ♥♥♥b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_20150629_172611_20150701-170349_1.jpg


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