Singature Make up ~ Very affordable

Signature Look

Signature Foundations

I was introduced to these products by a makeup artist who used to render her services to me.

At first I was hesitant since I wasn’t familiar with the product on that day I ended up using my own Almay Skin tone makeup. She had to convince me that these products worked wonders & I should try them out as she left these two below bottles for me.

b2ap3_thumbnail_20150708_105151.jpg1. Signature Xtra Cover Foundation

So I gave this foundation a try to my surprise it did exactly what she had promised me it would! This is a full coverage in JAVA color which gave me a natural look all day. It is moisture rich & gives light weight feel to the skin. It covered all my dark marks and at the end I had a photo finish look.It comes in different shades. It doesn’t drip since it’s a thick liquid & I like the way it’s made.

It reflects light to minimize fine lines for a younger looking skin.

It is very affordable, under R100 30ml.

Nice smell not strong to the nose

Can be purchased at Signature stores.

2. Signature Liquid Makeup Perfect Finish Foundation

I again gave this one a try. Upon my experiment with this one I found out that is best suits me for night out occasions since it has a glittery effect on it & i love that kind of look during the night than the day with all the shimmery look on me. It’s a thick liquid, doesn’t drip.

She gave me a FUDGE color which is the closest to my skin tone of which is important for me to find the best color that suits my skin tone best! It improves the natural looking quality of the skin.

It’s also a 30ml under R100 as well.

Nice smell not strong to the nose

Can be purchased at Signature stores.

I do not regret having these thanks to the make up artist!

Sometimes it’s good to try new things….

Signature is an affordable brand. They also have eye shadows, lipsticks/ glosses, mascara, nail polish etc.


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