Cosmetic sales, buy wise

Cosmetic sales, buy wise

Last week Friday I visited a Clicks store near me which is 5 minutes drive from my residential area, when I got there there were plenty beauty items marked down even though I did not actually go for what ended up on my basket but saw my name written on these items.

The ff is what caught my eye most since it was really really marked now & besides it’s well known brands;

  • Rimmel Apocalips – got it for R49.95
  • Rimmel eye shadow (it’s much darker than the colour on the pic) – got it for R10.50
  • Accessorize baked eye shadow – got it for 14.70
  • Revlon Charlie Long lasting nail polish – got it for R24.98

I love cosmetic sales because you get a number of items for less of an amount you could’ve spent on one product. 

In all I paid R114.15 vat included for all items.

Has any of you beauties used this Rimmel Apocalips? Not a nice smell at all! I shall check the reviews for it &see what other insiders thought of it.

I will try these items out & write reviews about each and every item. Joys of being an insider, any excuse to buy beauty products!

Be smart, buy wise & save…

What a lot I got!



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