Down with Clinique


I had entered a Dave Lackie competition via twitter to my surprise I had won!

He had twitted about me winning on the night where I totally had no data & had no interest to social media only got to know about it after a friend had sent me an inbox via Facebook that’s when I sync all my social feeds!

There I was I just could not believe it I froze I kept on typing incorrectly until i realize I was in shock yet happy at the same time.20150721_081734

I couldn’t even remember what was the prize like because have been entering so many competitions & winning also, July was just a lucky month for me.

Dave had told me he was sending the parcel on the 16th July 2015 and I had thought I’ll be receiving it the following week later around Friday or Thursday so I wasn’t expecting it all. Tuesday I took my kids to school & I came back for some reason, when I was about to leave for work I heard a hoot at the gate when I checked it was the delivery people with my parcel even though wasn’t so sure which one until they handed me the envelope! I took few seconds to fill in the waybill & rushed in the house, took my phone & took a pick of this special parcel coming all the way from CANADA especially because it’s a 1st prize I’ve ever received from overseas so you can just imagine my excitement!

Quickly opened it, read a card written by Dave Lackie himself and started gathering my vase flowers for a lovely picture to tweet to him. That’s the above picture I’m talking about with orange flowers!

I received the following Clinique beauty products;

  • Blush pop – 10 fig R300.00 each
  • Blush pop – 12 pink
  • Long last gloss wear – 31 honey bunch R245.00 each
  • Long last gloss wear – 29 hooked on you

I just love all theses products & the colors are my wedding colors.

I will let my fingers do the talking on my key board by writing a review on these beautiful items .


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