Clinique Cheek pops

Clinique cheek pops

Clinique cheek pop- Colour Blush 10 fig

As promised after writing my very 1st beauty diary of Clinique cheek pops & Clinique long lasting glossware here is my review for the new Clinique cheek pop

I love the clear packaging allowing the beautiful flower pattern to stand out. I wanted to be gentle as possible with this cheek pop because of it’s design to be quite honest.

So this past weekend I put it to test, I flipped the lid open then without using a blush brush or my fingers just pat the cheek pop around my cheek apples till I got the blush color shade it gave allowing my cheek to make their own statement on my face. There’s something a blush does to my face it just gives a perfect finish to make up.


It came just in time sinc the blush I current had broke into pieces but managed to put it all together .& placed it in a money bag yep anything to save a beauty item you love! I am so in love with the Clinique cheek pop I’m even wearing it today.Ever since I had them been caring them with me just to admire the beauty 🙂 crazy I know right but will start leaving them home now before I get robbed of my beauty items since I have hinted hahahaha.

Loving the fact that it’s in tact & doesn’t crack easily.

Blush is my favorite color ♥

Thanks to Dave Lackie for the spoils I received after had entered a competition 🙂

It’s 3.5g

Costs R300.00

Available at Clinique stockist like Edgars.


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