POND’s Spot Clear Even Tone Facial Foam and Scrub

Another one from Pond’s that doesn’t disappoint at all.

Beauties if you have an oily skin like me please give this one a try, it works wonders, fighting 10 oil & skin problems. It’s proven been using it since March 2015 and I am impressed with the results. This one it’s for keeps!
Leaving my skin feeling healthy/ velvet feel to it, without grease, light skin toned, eliminates spots too.
It’s not only a foam cleanser but acts as a scrub too, a 2 in 1. It’s white in colour, lovely smell and it’s packaging is very portable!

It’s cheap & comes in a 15ml, 50ml, 100ml giving you options to try it out in a small tube before even considering buying the bigger one!

Available at Checkers & Pick n Pay stores.


Also posted on Beauty Bulletin : http://www.beautybulletin.com/face-and-body/cleanserstonerswashes/pond-s-spot-clear-even-tone-facial-foam-and-scrub


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