Wait! Testers can give you a sore throat/ cold sore…

We often get exposed to bacteria since we love helping ourselves with testers that we find at the stores, truth is they could be infected with bacteria!

Everyone gets to be in contact with one item that is labelled ‘sample’ either opened or closed! As soon as the item is opened it’s exposed to air, people who are not hygienic as a result that item becomes infested with bacteria!

Lipsticks: Some of us do put it on the tip of our fingers before trying it out but some apply it directly to their lips! She might have a cold sore without thinking for the next person being exposed to bacteria she would’ve tried it out. Beauties be careful

Open body lotions containers: I once got an advise that tubes are way better than containers with lids which are prone to bacteria.

Ladies we all love to try beauty items out from the stores but reality is: you might be exposing yourself to bacteria, take note.

Some of these bacteria they cause sore throat & cold sores and other complications and illness:o

Check expiry date & discard ;)


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