In for review!

Beauty Products for reviews

Last week I received the following products to review ;

  • ​Woolworths Argan oil Infused 2 in 1 Bath & Shower oil: just to brief you about this oil- well when I saw oil i thought it’s all greasy and will obviously leave grease on my bath tub little did I know that it’s more of a shower gel than being oily and greasy. It even forms foam when used with water. The smell is too lovely & calming at the same time I could just fall asleep in the bath tub. Even when I take a shower the smell is just as calming been using it for 5 days now and I’m loving it leaves my skin so refreshed and healthy. It’s gold in color.
  • Labello Lip Butter Raspberry rose flavor: This is a must have, I had a vanilla flavor one which is so nice too. It’s pink in color with a fruity smell, very portable and easy to use leaving lips moisturized and smooth.
  • LCN Water Melon Hand & Body Sorbet: I just fell in love with the packaging of a watermelon look. It’s sunlight in color has that shimmery effect it leaves behind on skin with a lovely nice scent. It’s not greasy , easily absorbed on skin.
  • Sally Hansen Moisturizing foot cream – Pedicure: A beautiful packaging with a lovely color combination, this foot cream is white in color, nice lavender scent and thick in texture. I haven’t used it as yet.
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish (520- Bridal bling): This is fit for a bride indeed hence it’s a bridal bling color. It’s light grey/ silver in color with a gold shimmery look. One of the good products in nail care. Will be trying it out pretty soon.
I can not wait to let my fingers do the walking on the keyboard!

Thank you BB 🙂

By the way this is my 50th post! Baby steps no more!


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