Accessorize baked duo eye shadow

Accessorize baked duo eyeshadow

​Months back I bought this lovely baked duo eye shadow from Click’s stores

I love the packaging with the butterfly pattern, It has the shimmery effect making out four shades as indicated on the picture so I can have four different looks in one eye shadow which is so cool. It has a ball shaped top hence it’s baked. I was hesitant at first to buy it but eventually did after had bought a chubby lip tint from Accessorize. It’s good for both night and day look giving me options of playing with colors making my eyes pop out.

I must say their products are of good quality, affordable and nice. I love the fact that it doesn’t fall all over my face ending up looking like a disco light hahaha. I use the tip of my fingers to apply it most of the time and it stays in place all day long.

It was on sale at the time and I got it for R24.99.


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