Woolworths Love Your Skin Argan Oil Infused 2-in-1 Bath and Shower Oil

I received this bottle 3 weeks ago from Beauty Bulletin and have been using it ever since sadly though I will have to part ways with it since it’s almost finished!

20150908_064808The packaging is so lovely a clear bottle, with a blush and silver sticker and inside it’s a gold liquid from the outside I was convinced that it was just pure oil until I put it to test the same day it came. There i was thinking it’s oily & will leave a greasy residue on the bath tub but it did not it’s more of a shower gel than oil itself.

It has an amazing calming scent.

I’ve tried it in the bath tub and also in the shower it’s so amazing I did not have to use a bar soap, left my skin feeling fresh and looking healthy too. I am going to invest in this product as I have fallen in love with it. It’s also enriched with vitamin E leaving the skin thoroughly hydrated.

I am satisfied with this product it is really for keeps!

It’s like having a spa in the comfort of my own home.


Size: 200ml
Price tag: R180
Where to buy: Woolworths stores


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