The Battlehouse beauty brunch

I received an invite to the Battlehouse Beauty branch which took place on the 22 October 2015 at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton.

Loved to attend but seeing was far away to make decided to ask a friend to go on my behalf.CSUVcezWEAA7XZu

This is what went down at the brunch, judging by pictures she sent me she had a great time. She looked stunning her makeup was on point also.

Goodie bags were lovely too.

Thanks to Panache Communications for the invite



My 5 pink October picks

My 5 beauty pink picks for October

Oh how I wish I could have chosen more but 5 is the number.

For my 5 pink October picks I chose the following beauty products as follows;

  1. L’Oréal peeling night lotion, this product works on my face while I’m enjoying my sleep. Minimizes lines, avoid dark marks from forming and lighten the existing ones. Had received this product to review from BB.
  2. Zahara Desert Rose by Justine, I love this perfume which my mother bought me. It has the dead rose scent which lasts all day long even after wash of garment I can still smell it that’s the effect it has and the quality of it’s scent.
  3. LCN Hand and body sorbet, In love with this beauty product. I enjoy it mostly on night outs, my skin glows all night through perfect for a night out with that dear someone or even a ladies night out. For daily use also, it has a nice scent which lasts all day long and keeping the skin looking glam. Received to review.
  4. Clinique cheek pop in pink color 12, I have two of these and I love them because it complements and completes my makeup look. I picked it because of the lovely flower design which I struggled to destroy, currently using the blush color pop which blends well with my skin tone and gives me a natural look. Had received these from Dave Lackie all the way from Canada after he ran a competition on twitter one of my favorites.
  5. Revlon Charlie nail polish in pink fever 305, this color just screams HELLO SUMMER. Easy to use, dries fast and non drip. Since it’s October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I chose this pink as it goes well with it. Had bought it from Clicks stores. For the 5th item it was a battle between my Accessorize pink lip tint and the nail polish but I guess it won.
To make this post fun I also created a video after such a long time which will explain my pause and go hahahahaha. Using the beauty items I chose together with a box and a tutu skirt my friend made me wore at my bridal party 😀

Don’t forget to get your breasts checked and to really get  to know your breast 🙂 #BCAM



Full review: Sensodyne Complete Protection

Sensodyne Complete Protection

Sensodyne Complete Protection for sensitive teeth I received this toothpaste two weeks ago and I have been using it ever since.

Packaging: as stated before I love the plump tube which is so handy and easy to use, white with blue and a bit of green to it, attracting and has a white creamy texture and it’s very light too. I have sensitive teeth and been struggling to find the right toothpaste which will mostly cater to my concerns until Sensodyne Complete Protection came along. I’d feel a bit uncomfortable whenever I needed to consume hot or cold food/ drinks due to sensitivity. This product doesn’t sting on the tongue and tastes different from other tooth pastes I’ve used before.

This product is said to be clinically proven relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth and it is a dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth offering a range of specifically formulated toothpastes. Sensodyne toothpaste works to relieve tooth pain due to sensitive teeth and provides lasting protection all day, every day when used as directed.

With twice daily brushing it;

•creates a protective mineral layer over sensitive areas to shield you from the pain of sensitive teeth

•strengthens & re-hardens enamel

•helps control plaque

•helps maintain healthy gums

•freshens breath

•helps maintain natural whiteness

•gives a clean feeling.

As advertised: Sensodyne Complete Protection is powered by an advanced technology called NovaMin, that delivers the natural building blocks of teeth (calcium & phosphate) to sensitive areas creating a tooth-like mineral layer over the dentine surface.

Gum recession is one of the most common causes of dentine exposure which can lead to sensitivity. With twice daily brushing Sensodyne Complete Protection helps maintain healthy gums.

So, If you have sensitive teeth, switching to a sensitive toothpaste such as Sensodyne toothpaste can make a big difference in not only your enjoyment of everyday life, but in your overall oral health as well. I give this product thumbs up and I will surely invest in it.

My tube of Sensodyne toothpaste is almost finished, I enjoyed this product.

Show that smile 🙂

On my list for reviews: Clere vs Johnsons Face care


I can not wait to test these two beauty bars right here and write my best honest review for each product.
They are so affordable both less than R15.00 each had bought them at Checkers recently.
I’ve used Oil control vanishing cream from Clere Radiance & Toner but have not really given the bar soap some time.


Blogging has never been this fun, always loved taking pics but I think I’m really getting good in photography ♥

Has any of you beauties tried any of these beauty bars? Kindly share your view 🙂


Currently reviewing: Sensodyne toothpaste


I always get excited when I see a yellow bag knowing that means reviewing!

I received the Sensodyne Complete Protection from BB last 2 weeks ago with one extra for a beauty (Senzi) to review on BB. Though I wasn’t sure which one to keep or to share.

I love the plump tube which is so handy and easy to use, package is attracting and the texture is white. I have been using this product for two days and I must say that it doesn’t make too much foam in the mouth, doesn’t sting on the tongue and tastes different from other tooth pastes I’ve used before.

Hopefully it will brighten up my teeth and give me one bright smile 🙂

It really works on sensitivity!

What’s in my surprise Rubybox?

What's in my surprise Ruby box?

​​​​I am a fan of competitions, when I see win I enter!

So, in August 2015 Rubybox posted on Facebook that they had fabulous beauty hampers worth R1000 each for 5 lucky rubies who will have their profiles uploaded I logged in and updated my one.

Early September boom one of the lucky rubies and I did not even know if it wasn’t for my fellow blogger/insider Sophia for alerting me to go check it out of which I did, was so confused had no idea since there were plenty competitions have entered already. A week later my box got delivered, a blue bag waited for me on the kitchen counter! I always get excited when I see these bags especially because it means review and writing about the product(s).

I took longer since I had so many reviews to do and to write about regarding this box even though I’d check it often to see if my things are still in place.

So far I have tried the Botanic collection and one sample of perfume mhhhhh….

The box contained the ff;

•Aromatherapy Patchouli mint & sage luxury soap

•Fine fragranced Magnolia triple mild soap

 •2 Hall of fame massage candles

 •3* nail polish assorted colors (1 shared with a friend)

 •VaVa Volume mascara- black

 •Cat Kohl liner – blue

•Botanical collection Tropical hand & nail cream

 •Oh So Cheeky angled blusher brush

 •3 * Emanuel Ungaro L’Amour fou perfume samples

 •1 Salvaton Ferragamo perfume sample

I am so in love with this box just added to my collection all thanks to Rubybox 🙂

I must admit I did not even know massaging candles existed!

Joys of being a blogger and for the love of competitions



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