My 5 pink October picks

My 5 beauty pink picks for October

Oh how I wish I could have chosen more but 5 is the number.

For my 5 pink October picks I chose the following beauty products as follows;

  1. L’Oréal peeling night lotion, this product works on my face while I’m enjoying my sleep. Minimizes lines, avoid dark marks from forming and lighten the existing ones. Had received this product to review from BB.
  2. Zahara Desert Rose by Justine, I love this perfume which my mother bought me. It has the dead rose scent which lasts all day long even after wash of garment I can still smell it that’s the effect it has and the quality of it’s scent.
  3. LCN Hand and body sorbet, In love with this beauty product. I enjoy it mostly on night outs, my skin glows all night through perfect for a night out with that dear someone or even a ladies night out. For daily use also, it has a nice scent which lasts all day long and keeping the skin looking glam. Received to review.
  4. Clinique cheek pop in pink color 12, I have two of these and I love them because it complements and completes my makeup look. I picked it because of the lovely flower design which I struggled to destroy, currently using the blush color pop which blends well with my skin tone and gives me a natural look. Had received these from Dave Lackie all the way from Canada after he ran a competition on twitter one of my favorites.
  5. Revlon Charlie nail polish in pink fever 305, this color just screams HELLO SUMMER. Easy to use, dries fast and non drip. Since it’s October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I chose this pink as it goes well with it. Had bought it from Clicks stores. For the 5th item it was a battle between my Accessorize pink lip tint and the nail polish but I guess it won.
To make this post fun I also created a video after such a long time which will explain my pause and go hahahahaha. Using the beauty items I chose together with a box and a tutu skirt my friend made me wore at my bridal party 😀

Don’t forget to get your breasts checked and to really get  to know your breast 🙂 #BCAM




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