Home made toner and cleanser using cucumber juice

Cucumber is known for detoxifying, hydrates, helps in weigh loss, reduces digestive problems like acidity, constipation, ulcers, reduces stress & eye strain and also an excellent mouth freshener  🙂

The most important one for today is my DIY toner and cleanser made from cucumber juice.



I’d normally grate cucumber and collect the juice by squeezing it to a clean container. I then apply it on my face and let it dry this way the skin absorbs all the nutrients and gets refreshed . I use the remaining cucumber juice by damping a cotton ball in it and rub it on my face & neck. It will the remove dirt from pores. Leaves the skin glowing and looking healthy not forgetting young.


Mix cucumber juice with rose water and apply on skin using a cotton ball. You can leave it over night should you wish to since both won’t cause any harm on skin. This mixture improves pale skin, evens out skin tone and can come in handy after you’ve been in the sun for a long time. So when you’ve been at the beach you need not to worry this will relief from sun burn without emptying your pockets 🙂


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