ORS Olive Oil Indian Henna hair color

CUfdv_CUwAAskOcORS Olive Oil India Henna Hair Colour

I had the opportunity to try the ORS Olive Oil India Henna Hair Colour (Black) last month courtesy of Beauty Bulletin.

This product promises 100% grey coverage and it has no ammonia.
It is said to be;
Natural hair colour with glossy shine
Pure henna conditioning
Gentle on hair

The texture is powder which I had to mix with water, I loved the fact that it has no ammonia which is not good for one’s health especially it’s smell. The scent is of henna a bit herbal and dark green in color.CUfdxGUUcAAHTLk

This was my first time experience with Indian Henna hair color so I wasn’t too sure of the out come yes eager to try it on.
It came in a green box with 4 sachets in it, the 4th one was free. I only used one sachet as per the product’s instruction. I mixed one sachet with water to form a paste which was so easy to do then applied the paste all over my hair, left it for 30 minutes then rinsed with warm water till it came clean thereafter shampooed as usual. I did not have to use a hair dryer since my hair is short I recently cut it, I moisturized and comb.
I am happy with this henna dye even though it’s not a permanent color I love how my black hair looked though it faded after 3 weeks or so.

It’s affordable, easy to use and healthy too since it has no harsh ingredients like ammonia.

Thank you BB I liked it and wouldn’t mind to pay my R29.99 for it.

I feel lucky enough to try it before even reached the shelves 😉


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