Wet & Wild panther shade eyeshadow

Wet & Wild eye shadow

The love of the black eye shadow shade…

I bought this little beauty from Click’s which was on sale for less than R25.00 while I was looking for one to replace the one I had which was almost finished.

This is a perfect shade for every season, any occasion and the fact that it is a day and night beauty item. Darker shades are well know for the smoky eye look but nowadays beauties use the darker shades to blend with brighter ones to create that artistic look. I really like this eye shadow it is so intact, not flakey but powdery like yet does not drop all over my face. Some believe it’s for that night out look but I choose to differ…

Back then I was too skeptical of a blue and as well as the black eyeshadow until I bought and tried it out mostly at home before I was so courageous enough to go out!

It’s a 17g, shade color E2553 in a black and clear packaging not forgetting the lovely pattern it has…

Wet & Wild no regrets at all, worth it and affordable.


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