Esse organics skin care treat

Esse launched their products in one of the salons in town called HoneyBee Beauty Bar on the 7th of July 2016.

Having made a relationship with Esse represantative the friendly coolestDezanie I scored myself and friends a facial treatment courtesy of Esse.

Esse products are organic which is beneficial to the skin suitable for any skin type! I have used Esse before and I must say I’m totally blown away with the scent, quality, packaging and prices too are not that heavy on the pocket.

A day started off with tea, biscuits and oh champagne followed as well… We relaxed at this beauty bar while socializing while waiting for our turns to come.

We were treated with foot spa, facial treatment and back and shoulder massage, it was professionally done. After every treatment we received scripts with recommendations for our skin type.

My skin felt like a baby’s butt if I may say so and I’m still treating it with some of the Esse products I have at home, my friends loved it too the skin stayed plump all day long. I even learned about double cleansing I did not know there was such until Dezanie told me about it especially on my oily skin, I was happy that she said my skin looks taken care of except the areas she advised me to focus on.

Most of Esse products come in bottle packaging which is so strong and re-usable.


I recommend Esse beauties do give these products a try if you haven’t you won’t regret it, your skin will glow instantly!


Look what HoneyBee Beauty bar in Newcastle KZN have in store for you, isn’t this cool? A beauty bar and barber in one place, so much talent there! I will surely visit them soon 🙂




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