Braided lace wigs?

They say wigs are a life saver when it comes to women and bad hair!

I for one own a few of them which are so convenient because I’m not a fan of hairpieces I prefer the natural look but should it happen I see the need then i pull one out knowing will take it off again once I’m back 😀

                                                Here I’m featuring braided wigs!!!! mhhh img_20160514_094922

Are we becoming dependent on short cuts or are we budget wise? Aah well a lady has to do what a lady has to do to look effortlessly beautiful. We all know it takes time to braid your own hair by the time you done you end up with a headache yet the look will last for months!

A lady by the name of Judith from Beauty Rush asked me to do a blog about her braided wigs that she sells to those who are keen at buying and viewing she can be reached at the following address and her number is available as well.

                                                    Beauties would you rock a braided wig?

                                   No 2 BOULDEN STREET NEWCASTLE, Judith0835756501.
Bob R1000
Box Braid R1400
Twist R1600


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