My Impulse expression

I received a box from RUBY BOX to share, try out and review.ctwo1h2wiaajdpk

To be quiet honest I’ve never bought myself an Impulse body spray but once for my daughter, I was quiet surprised after testing the sprays sent by Ruby box that it’s not bad after all but smell so lovely with floral scents which are my favorite.

Impulse- Dynamique body spray 75ml

A blend of musky vanilla scents and amber notes, a bouquet of roses in a tin!

It’s said to be making one feeling incredibly gorgeous and inspire romantic reactions in men, so ladies better grab one especially if you looking for attraction and attention 🙂

I like it because it’s not strong on the nose and seems to last all day long.

I am honestly impressed.

#Dynamique #rubybox



Impulse – City Collection Paris

This has to be my number 1!

The scent of floral roses, I believe with this one I will just leave a mark wherever I go.

It speaks for itself I won’t say much about it but challenge beauties to get it and submit a review!ctdcof_weaap0nj

#paris #rubybox

First impressions count, so I give Impulse thumbs up!

It is available at Pick n Pay or Checkers stores for only R19.99.

NB: Rubybox is running a competition on Impulse R3000.00 cash to be won check it out!




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