Hello December 2016


This is the last month of year 2016, December!

December is my favorite month because I was born in December :), sadly though it will be my very first xmas without my mother who passed on in September :(. 2016 You did me wrong, the cut is way too deep to be treated!

December 01 is also known as World Aids Day where we show unity in fighting against this killer called AIDS. We are urged to abstain, protect, educate and get educated about the decease itself to name a few. We are also urged to know our status by getting tested for HIV so we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones. AIDS has no age, no race & most importantly no mercy! Let’s put it to ourselves to change the world and change our ways, it can not control us let us control it.

A friend, loved one, colleague with AIDS is still my friend. Learn to treat each other the same and with respect WITHOUT DISCRIMINATING against! Knowledge is power & goes a long way…

It starts with you & me!

Wishing you beauties a blessed festive season, keep safe!





2 thoughts on “Hello December 2016

  1. My birthday is also in December. 23rd, my son is the 20th. What’s your date?

    So sorry about the loss of your mom. It’s still very fresh. My husband and I were just talking this morning about how you carry on after losing a parent (he lost his dad earlier this year and I lost mine 11yrs ago). We also said if we lost our moms it would be way worse, so I truly feel for you. PRaying for strength for you to get through your first Christmas without her 😦

    My nanny lost her daughter to HIV. The was in matric. It broke my heart that we found out when it was too late to save her. That kids so young are dying from this disease.

    1. I on the 12th December, wow celebrations galore hahahaha
      I lost my father 13 years ago I have never imagined life without my mother…. sounds even strange to say that she has passed like it’s a dream! God will pull us through. How sad may our kids get education about sex and the AIDS itself! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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