Smoothie freak!


We all know what we take in shows from the outside of our bodies through our skin!

I haven’t been nice to myself lately but aiming to go back to my every second day smoothie routine which I had started IN 2015!

Smoothies are nutritious, cleansing and help at loosing that unwanted fat in our bodies. I love all kind of smoothies I must say not all of them are nice but have to go that route at some point. I’m on day three with smoothies trying to fight this body fat I put on my body during the holidays, soon I’ll be back on the road walking and jogging I just have to.

On the picture is all of my home made smoothies 🙂 the top left one won me a NutriBullet after entering a competition. Easy to make and you can carry them at work all you need is a blender and your jugs and you ready to go!

A meal replacement a day or two makes a lot of difference, try it the natural way 🙂

Just had one I made last night;

Ingredients: Chopped frozen spinach (raw), mango, kiwi fruit, pineapple & ice. Blend and drink, yummy and it fills up ones tummy and cleans that bowel very well hahahaha;)

I love smoothies & shakes, do you?





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