How to fix a broken blush

I thought I’d share;)

You will need the following;

The broken blush

Rubbing alcohol (you can buy this at your local pharmacy)

Small bowl or plastic zip lock bag

Spoon and knife


An object with a flat surface (a bottle cap or lid of some sort will do)

Step 1
Take the broken pieces of your blusher and either place in a small bowl or in the plastic zip lock bag. Break all the pieces of blusher into a fine powder, using a spoon.

Step 2
Add small amounts of the rubbing alcohol. Make sure all of the product is covered in the alcohol, but do not add so much that there is liquid floating around

Step 3
Place the product mixture back into its original compact/packaging. Even out the product mixture – you can use a butter knife or your fingers (make sure they are clean).

Step 4
Grab a tissue or thin cloth and cover your revived blush and press down with a flat object to soak up extra alcohol. This will flatten the product even more.

Step 5
Lastly, let the blusher dry overnight

Good as new!